Play beyond the brick

“Our strength comes from concentrating on the idea. Dig deep, range wide – and the ideas will come.”

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, second generation owner of the LEGO Group, 1955

About us

The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 in Billund, Denmark. Ever since, the LEGO brand, driven by the LEGO Group, has developed rapidly.
Over the past decades, the LEGO Group has expanded its global presence and the LEGO brand has become a well-known and highly trusted brand across global markets. In light of the development of the LEGO brand, the LEGO Brand Group was established in 2017 to protect, develop and leverage the full potential of the LEGO brand. LEGO Brand Group exercises the owner-governance of the LEGO brand across all the LEGO branded entities primarily through the board of directors of the entities – the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation, LEGO Education, LEGO House and LEGO Ventures. All LEGO branded entities are committed to the development of children through playful learning under the shared mission to Inspire and Develop the Builders of Tomorrow. LEGO Ventures, founded in 2018, seeks to invest in entrepreneurs, ideas and startups that sit at the intersection of creativity, learning and play in a manner that aligns with this shared LEGO mission and supports the goal to reach as many children worldwide as possible with high quality, creative play and learning experiences.
LEGO Ventures believes that play is critical to growth and development, stimulating children’s imagination and creative expression – and we know we are not alone! Whether your company is at seed stage or ready for growth, LEGO Ventures is here to help take it to the next level!
Connections that Matter

LEGO Ventures is dedicated to speeding up innovation by connecting entrepreneurs to the resources, relationships and industry expertise they need to succeed.

Domain Expertise

Unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the children’s consumer and education markets. From the LEGO brand and bricks, to LEGO Education, through to additive manufacturing, The LEGO Group is a robust vertically integrated company and we are committed to helping inject that expertise into our portfolio companies when and where it is needed.

Powerful Network

Ranging from decades long partnerships with some of the world's leading academic institutions to our successful franchise of Hollywood movies, LEGO Ventures is at the ready to connect our entrepreneurs to our global network.

Global Presence

The LEGO Group is present in 130+ countries, with manufacturing facilities and offices around the world. We have a deep understanding of international markets, with local experts across the globe.

“Our idea has been to create a toy that prepares the child for life – appealing to its imagination and developing the creative urge and joy of creation that are the driving force in every human being.”

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, second generation owner of the LEGO Group, 1955

Alexis Horowitz-Burdick

Managing Director of LEGO Ventures

Managing Director of LEGO Ventures based between Copenhagen and Billund, Denmark. Alexis is interested in the future of play, robotics, blockchain applications for kids and life-long-entrepreneurship.. Alexis spent the previous decade based in Singapore where she founded 3 companies spanning from consulting to e-commerce. She exited her last company (Luxola) in 2015 to LVMH after which she became Managing Director for Sephora Southeast Asia. Alexis holds a masters degree in Political Science from San Francisco State University. She is consistently rated “most clumsy” by her colleagues and friends. Unlike most of her colleagues Alexis did not grow up with LEGO and has only realized recently that in fact EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! She enjoys making homemade pasta, feeding that pasta to friends and occasionally running to work off all that pasta.

David Gram

Venture Partner of LEGO Ventures

Head of Ventures for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) based out of Billund in Denmark. David is passionate about the future of play and creativity and how it pushes the needle toward a more playful world. To enable this he is interested in technologies such as AI, AR and robotics that can help empower kids’ creative confidence and abilities.David spent the last 8 years in the LEGO Group’s innovation lab, ‘Future Lab’, where he was part of developing and launching LEGO Ideas, LEGO Life of George and LEGO FUSION. Before this, he was at Siemens Wind Power and Scandinavian Airlines where he was driving innovation across their product and service offerings. He also co-founded a global network platform for Intrapreneurs called Diplomatic Rebels. David holds a Master of Science in Economics & Business Administration from Aarhus University, Denmark. With a history as a semi-pro drummer in a Danish band, he spends most meetings drumming on any surface available – to the joy of everyone else. When David is not working, he is usually building cool LEGO models with his 7-year-old daughter, running around a lake, or on a meditation retreat in the Himalayas.

Michael Stahl

Head of LEGO Ventures Incubation Studio

Head of LEGO Ventures Incubation Studio. Based in Billund but operating globally. Michael is interested in equipping children around the world with the skills and capabilities they need in a rapidly-evolving and technology-mediated world which will allow them to become creative problem solvers and fulfil their potential – both  individually and toward society. He joined LEGO Ventures in 2018. Michael has spent the last 15 years working with innovation and kids – ranging from founding an early stage MedTech startup to leading the development of Interactive Playgrounds, and for the last 9 years, working on multiple innovation projects within The LEGO Group. With two wonderful kids, Michael has developed a large back-catalogue of incredibly bad dad-jokes. Michael is as Danish as it gets and has been a loyal brand ambassador of LEGO since the age of two, which shaped his childhood dreams of studying engineering and the desire to work for LEGO; Michael is now living the dream!

Morten Andersen

Venture Partner of LEGO Ventures

Head of Value Creation based in Billund. Morten is passionate about innovations that enable children across the globe to express their imagination and creativity through joyful play and learning experiences. After finishing his master’s degree in Business Administration, Morten spent a short stint in management consulting and later 2 years in the internal strategy team at the LEGO Group. Most recently he spent a year and a half in San Francisco on behalf of the LEGO Brand Group. Morten has a life-long passion for enhancing the opportunities for children and has previously taught kindergarten and primary school in Guangzhou, China as well as done volunteer work with the Danish Save the Children Youth department. In his free-time, Morten enjoys running, spending time with his family, etc. [insert the usual tropes here]. Beyond these, Morten is a restless soul who enjoys roaming around exotic countries with no particular purpose beyond the adventure itself. Oh, and having grown up on a small farm, he has a special fondness for cute animals.

Jiazi Guo

Senior Associate in the LEGO Venture's United States office

Senior Associate LEGO Ventures’ North America based in San Francisco, California. Jiazi is interested in Ed-Tech startups, robotics, artificial intelligence within children’s toys, and various cross border investment opportunities. Previously, Jiazi was a technology investor at Tsingyuan Ventures where she was responsible for deal sourcing, due diligence, closing investment transactions and post-investment management until exit. Prior to Tsingyuan Ventures, Jiazi was part of the FX trading team in Wells Fargo trading USA and International FX, currency forwards, SWAPS, derivatives, and OTC instruments. Jiazi received her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Even though Jiazi is not 11 years old anymore, in her spare time she loves playing with LEGO and is currently building LEGO Taj Mahal (comprised of over 6000 pieces)! Her other hobbies include “perfecting” her own “DJ JZ” electronic music style and her “JZ” urban dance moves.

Ronan Hurley

Venture Partner of LEGO Ventures

Venture Consultant to LEGO Ventures based in Singapore.  Ronan is passionate about innovation within learning, the impact technology will have on education going forward and raising awareness on the importance of Social and Emotional Learning. Ronan started his career within financial services, working in a variety of roles at Ernst & Young, Pricewaterhousecoopers and Macquarie Bank in both the US and Australia.  After completing his MBA at INSEAD, Ronan joined an Ecommerce startup in Singapore (“Luxola”) as Chief Operating Officer and continued in that role for Sephora’s omnichannel business after acquisition by LVMH in 2015.  Ronan holds a Bsc in Business Administration from Boston University and is a CPA in the state of Massachusetts. He is a big fan of shorts in the workplace and is leading the charge in transforming this into a corporate norm.While Ronan is all about his own version of "GTL": (Gym, Taking his kids out on new adventures and Listening to music) he still commits a healthy dose of time to silent disco anywhere that can accommodate his flailing limbs.

Josephine Kruse Sørensen

Junior Associate in LEGO Ventures

Junior Associate in LEGO Ventures based out of Billund. Josephine is curious about new technologies and new ways of learning through play while simultaneously equipping children with skills for the future. She joined LEGO Ventures in 2019 and has been with LEGO since 2013. Previously, Josephine worked as an IT project manager with LEGO after finishing her masters degree in Corporate Communication from Aarhus University in 2015. She started her professional LEGO adventure alongside her studies after having returned from a semester abroad in Hong Kong. In the summer Josephine enjoys spending time on a small sailboat that she shares with friends. During the wintertime she dreams of anywhere with snow and mountains, so her move back to the flats of Denmark after a year of bartending and ski bumming in the mountains of Austria makes perfect sense!

The team

Meet our team.
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Investment areas

LEGO Ventures focus’ its investments across four core segments, always with a focus on “learning through play”.
Education Technology

The Education Sector is on the brink of a massive transformation driven by the rapid technological developments. However, most children are still taught in systems that are outdated. LEGO Ventures believes that the current market dynamics represent a significant opportunity to invest in education technologies and companies that can influence the way children are engaged and retained through early education. Enabling technologies should have the agility to scale globally while companies targeting end users should be playful and foster curiosity, collaboration and open-ended problem solving.

21st Century Skill Development

Children of today need to be prepared for the society of tomorrow! In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, LEGO Ventures believes skills like creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, confidence and empathy will be more important than ever before. LEGO Ventures is looking to invest in consumer-focused companies, who share our belief and who are providing innovative offerings, focusing on developing these essential life skills for the 21st Century.

New Play Spaces

LEGO Ventures believes children’s play spaces are fundamentally changing; parents and children are demanding deep and immersive play experiences which seamlessly transcend across space and time whilst engaging the entire family. LEGO Ventures looks to invest in companies that enable creativity and play across time and physical spaces, specifically focusing on connected toys with digital-physical integration, location-based play away from home, immersive outdoor play and solutions bringing parents and children together in play.

Creative Making

Creative confidence and ability will be core attributes for the future workforce. However, today most children rely on directed creative processes that leave little room for creative freedom. This has led to a decline in creativity scores amongst children worldwide. With the vision of democratizing creativity, LEGO Ventures will look to invest in consumer-focused companies that empower open-ended physical and/or digital creativity.

Additionally, LEGO Ventures looks at enabling technologies like AR, AI and Voice as well as disruptive business models across the globe.
Size and Stage

LEGO Ventures currently has teams in Silicon Valley, Europe and Singapore. We are size and stage agnostic with an ability to write checks at any stage in a companies lifecycle.

Lead or Follow

LEGO Ventures will seek partners across the globe who have the same interest in reaching more children with innovative technology and learning through play concepts. In doing this we are prepared to both lead and follow funding rounds.

Long term commitment

LEGO Ventures seeks to partner with its portfolio companies for the long term. We are patient capital with the means to provide follow on funding to our entrepreneurs.

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