International Women’s Day: Celebrating Female Founders

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Female Founders

To celebrate International Women's Day 2020, we spoke to our partners and portfolio of startups with female founders to hear their insights & advice in the VC space.

The stats say it all: women-led tech startups have a 35% higher ROI, and bring in 20% more revenue with 50% less funding than male-led tech startups. We’re seeing an exponential increase in women becoming entrepreneurs, and they’re showing the success stories to back up these findings. On this International Women’s Day, we should reflect on the strides we’ve taken to get to where we are, and celebrate the formidable women and allies who have been instrumental in driving change.

But we still have a long way to go. Female-led companies receive only 7% of investor funding, and young girls are significantly less likely to envision themselves as future entrepreneurs. The OECD notes that the problem is pervasive — it starts with gender stereotypes and a lack of confidence in girls, carrying all the way through to career choice and opportunity. With this in mind, we all have a part to play in tackling these issues head-on, from reshaping the message we send to our children, all the way to ensuring our companies and partners support inclusion.

So let’s make a commitment to driving change. Let’s create a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem of entrepreneurs and funders. Let’s engage in more transparent dialogue, and try to dig to the roots of the problems that persist in the gender gap. And let’s champion the women and allies who are working hard to pave the way for future generations.

At LEGO Ventures, we’re proud to partner with women like Thea Messel of Unconventional VC, who works to fund ventures with underrepresented founders. We’re also proud to have a growing portfolio of startups with female founders, including Paulina Olsen of Peppy Pals and Noelle Millholt of HOMER. As we continue to drive forward our mission of inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow, we’re committed to being a champion of our female-founded ventures and uplifting entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.