Enabling Creative Learning At Home

Enabling Creative Learning At Home

In this article, we have made a list of our portfolio companies within EdTech and Playful Learning that can help parents and teachers enable creativity, learning and play at home.

COVID-19 has been testing our ability to adapt like nothing else. We’ve been faced with the challenge of adjusting how we provide learning and development for our children, but fortunately, there are hundreds of ways in which technology and innovation can help us with that. That’s why we’ve made a list of our portfolio companies that can help parents and teachers enable creativity, learning and play at home, helping you keep up the good work.

For K-12 Educators

FreshGrade offers an integrated toolset for teachers to create online learning networks and stay connected with students and parents at home. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, they just released a series of video tutorials with tips for parents, students and teachers on how to use their platform for remote learning.​

Eedi offers free diagnostic questions & formative assessment quizzes to identify student misconceptions. To help deal with the school closures, they have just shared ideas on how parents and teachers can use their free resources to keep education up and running at home. You can check it out here.​

Thrively is an online platform for parents and teachers to participate in students’ skill development and assessment based on purpose and self-awareness, including various lessons for students, parents and teachers. ​

For Parents

HOMER, aimed at ages 2–8, offers subscription-based learning programs with personalized stories and activities based on the interests of each individual child. Through March, the company is offering U.S. parents 1 year of HOMER Reading for free through Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited. The company is also offering free access for schools and communities in need. Try HOMER learning plans through this link.

Monti Kids , aimed at ages 0–3, delivers Montessori toy kits on a subscription basis to support parenting and teaching at home. They also have a free e-book with 7 Ways to (Play with &) Support Your Baby’s Learning from birth. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, they have just released a video on how to teach your toddler to wash their hands independently. ​

Peppy Pals, aimed at ages 2–9, offers research-based games, shows, and books focused on children’s social & emotional skill development. They offer appse-books and a free youtube series that can help parents make the best out of their children’s time at home.​

Above all, don’t forget to #STAYHOME and keep your spirits up!